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Stonehenge Tickets

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This product is currently not running or sold out, please contact Sightseeing Supermarket if you require further information.
  • Situated In Wiltshire, UK
  • Evaluated At 3100 BC
  • Sorts Of Stone: Bluestone, Sarson, Welsh Sandstone
  • Built In Three Stages
The immense and antiquated stone circle of Stonehenge is one of the marvels of the world. What guests see today are the significant remainders of the toward the end in a succession of such landmarks raised between around 3000BC and 1600BC. Every landmark was a roundabout structure, adjusted to the ascending of the sun at the midsummer solstice.

There has dependably been extraordinary debate over entirely what reason Stonehenge served. Positively, it was the point of convergence in a scene loaded with ancient stately structures. It additionally reflects tremendous venture of work and time. A colossal exertion and awesome association was expected to convey the stones tens, and in some cases hundreds, of miles via land and water and after that to shape and raise them. Only an elite class could have assembled so expansive a workforce and the configuration and development abilities important to create Stonehenge and its encompassing landmarks.

Stonehenge's introduction in connection to the rising and setting sun has dependably been one of its most surprising elements. Whether this was on account of its manufacturers originated from a sun-loving society or in light of the fact that - as a few researchers have attested - the circle and its banks were a piece of an enormous cosmic timetable, remains a secret. What can't be prevented is the inventiveness from securing the manufacturers of Stonehenge. With just extremely fundamental devices available to them, they molded the stones and shaped the mortises and tenons that connected uprights to lintels. Utilizing tusks and bones, they burrowed the pits to hold the stones and made the banks and ditches that walled them in

Puzzle encompasses this 5,000 year old landmark in the centre of the World Heritage Site. Visit this ancient site and choose for yourself whether Stonehenge was a position of sun love, a recuperating asylum, a holy internment site, or something other than what's expected out and out!
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  • *Enjoy a 25% discount off Stonehenge guidebooks. Valid until 31st March 2020. You will be given your discount voucher on the day of departure.
Venue Information:

Stonehenge, Wiltshire SP4 7DE
Nearest Train Station: Salisbury
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