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Sightseeing Supermarket have an abundance of information on Seville and each of its historical landmarks as well as the culture in the city. By joining us for our guided tours or Walking Tours you will get the chance to discover this tropical beauty and learn so much, making your stay in Seville a thrilling, memorable and educational adventure! We will also journey across the radiant Alcazar Royal Palace, the luminous Plaza de Espana and the mysterious Jewish Quarters of Santa Cruz. Across the Guadalquivir River, we will discover Triana, a stunning town widely regarded as the birthplace of Flamenco.

With Sightseeing Supermarket, you can experience Seville’s gourmet tapas & wine tasting tours to find out more about the food and drinks in our local culture. You may also join us on day trips to see other cities and places around Andalucia. With our Day Trips, you will be able to discover with us the Jerez-Sherry region, the phenomenal beaches in Cadiz, Granada, Cordoba, Ronda and its well-known mountain bridge in addition to Gibraltar where one can see a romantic view of Morocco. The incredible history and tradition of Seville, its friendly environment combined with endless sunshine as you enjoy festive fiestas will make Seville your second home. Prepare for a joyful welcome into Seville!

Cordoba, Caliphal City from Seville

Cordoba, Caliphal City from Seville

  • Enjoy this full-day tour of Cordoba, Caliphal city from Seville
  • Spend a day exploring a unique and vibrant city near Seville
  • Discover Cordoba’s remarkable cultural mix of Christian, Muslim and Jewish history
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