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Reims City Tours & Activities

Sightseeing Supermarket provides fully inclusive trips in the Champagne region by local guides. It is the ideal and easiest way to uncover the Champagne and taste the typical products of Champagne, such as its wines or food specialties.

Our wine tours in the Champagne region are the result of fine distinctive choices by our team of wine experts. You will meet Champagne master wine makers, whether small boutique wineries in small villages in the vineyards or superior producers such as Moet and Chandon and their renowned Brut Imperial and Dom Perignon. Our Champagne tours take you to the most popular sites of the Champagne region, places which are not to be skipped, such as the cathedral of Reims or the avenue de champagne in Epernay, capital of Champagne. Champagne highlights wherein we take you to the small charming villages on the hillsides among the vineyards.

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