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Mykonos Tours & Activities

Want to book a tour in Mykonos? This is the best place. We recommend different types of excursions and tours in Mykonos, from walking and jeep tours to yacht cruises as well as boat tours. The most popular among Mykonos sightseeing tours is the boat trip to Delos, a currently uninhabited island that was previously the sacred island of god Apollo in the ancient times. That is why an entire sanctuary have been constructed there, making Delos today an open archaeological site. Immerge yourself in Mykonos’ culture throughout a Mykonos cooking tour held in a conventional Spiti where you will be warmly greeted by a traditional Greek grandmother named Teta that will serve you all the amazing farm-made cuisines.

Take our very special and famous tour, the Rhenia Island Cruise, a lovely uninhabited island near to Mykonos with crystal clear water to enjoy a day at the sea, swimming or snorkelling. This really is the most relaxing and most picturesque of all our Mykonos tours! Have you thought to also try the romantic sunset cruise to see the burning sun dip into the fantastic Aegean Sea? Such lovely Mykonos tours will offer memories to cherish for a lifetime!

Full Day Grand Tour of Mykonos

Full Day Grand Tour of Mykonos

  • Take this food full-day grand tour to explore Mykonos and its many attractions
  • Vissit the picturesque small port of St. Ioannis and know its historical significance
  • Learn the farming details and enjoy lunch straight from the farm at Mykonian Spiti farm
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Mykonos Walking Tour

Mykonos Walking Tour

  • Experience the beauty of the Mykonian town through an authentic walking tour
  • Walk down the Mykonian history "alley"
  • Pass by Manto Square, where stands the famous monument of Manto Mavrogenous
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