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The capital of the Czech Republic is Prague, which has also earlier been the historic capital of the eclectic Bohemia region. The city has been a centre of politics, culture, and finance of varied importance in Central Europe right through its history since its founding circa 885 AD, having been the seat of two Roman emperors, a significant city to the Habsburg Monarchy, and having played roles in numerous major conflicts. Today it consists of a historic centre that has been selected a World Heritage Site, as well as many museums, galleries, and other showcases of its comprehensive history.

Explore the Old Town of Prague and see 13th century structures dotting the cityscape. Discover the Old Town Hall and the Municipal House which date back centuries. Travel to the Old Town Square where the intriguing Astronomical Clock awaits your interest. Discover most of these sights by means of a walking tour, city tour or bus tour, listening to a live guide or pre-recorded commentary as you move past the major attractions. Optionally take a boat tour along the Vltava River, which runs through the city.

See the outstanding Karlstejn Castle, a fine example of Gothic design, built in the 14th century just outside the city. Here you’ll discover wall paintings that date back to its original period of construction, along with replicas of the crowns of the Holy Roman Emperors and of the Czech Kings.

Get a fantastic view of the city with a Prague Hot Air Balloon Flight. Admire the city and its stunning countryside views on a one hour trip through the air. Indulge in a classic champagne toast from high up in the sky after you land.

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